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Want to support us as you go? Now you can!

It's true. Ticket sales aren't enough to cover the cost of running an arts organization. We rely on donations to cover the rest. This way we can keep the cost of tickets down, while being financially sustainable. 

Most donors give annually, though we realize this isn't easy for everyone. If you are someone who prefers to support us 'as you go,' you can now become an At-Cost Supporter! We took the cost of a concert and divided that by the number of people we expect to attend to generate the at-cost amount. Now you can support us by purchasing an At-Cost ticket for only a few more dollars. Just look out for the "At-Cost" ticket prices when you purchase your tickets or subscriptions!

Your extra money truly goes a long way. 67% of your support directly pays for the singers and musicians we employ at each concert. This is a high percentage compared to most professional arts organizations because we have incredibly low overhead and administrative costs. Your support is directly paying for the music you love.

Prefer to support us on a per concert basis? You now have the option to buy an At-Cost ticket/pass that would allow us to break even at each concert on sales alone! Look our for the "At-Cost Tickets/Passes" at checkout! The difference in cost is tax deductible.
At-Cost supporters get the best seats in the house and a token gift at the concert!
Read more about it here.
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